Digging, Debugging

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Brian Arnold

@brianarn | randomthink.net

  • Senior Software Engineer @ Bazaarvoice
  • Previously a Lead Support & Senior Software Engineer at SitePen
  • Dojo core committer
  • Rock Band guitar expert


  • Non-technical tips
  • Understand the tools
  • Techniques

Non-technical Tips

Be open to learning

We are professional students

Learn JavaScript

No, really, learn the core

Read the spec, read JS: TDG thoroughly


Rubber Duck

  • Colleagues
  • Friends at other shops
  • An actual rubber duck

Understand the tools

Command Line API

Originally pioneered in Firebug, now fairly ubiquitous

Feature support varies, learn your environment of choice

Moving between Elements and Console

  • $0
  • $_
  • inspect

Detailed viewing

  • console.*
  • dir
  • copy


  • debugger;
  • Breakpoints
  • Watch things

Other types of breaks

  • DOM Breakpoints
  • XHR Breakpoints


  • Fuzzy finder opening
  • Pretty printing
  • Breaking on some/all errors


  • Memory
  • Runtime


(Here there be hacks)

Private Mode

Not just for hiding things

Use a style guide, damnit

Inconsistently written code can be awful

Look into things like Idiomatic for a starting point, and EditorConfig to help enforce it

You don't write code for yourself, you write it for the moron who has to maintain it in a year.

More often than not, you are that moron.

Breakpoint Actions

Use and abuse of conditional breakpoints for fun and profit*

* There may not be profit

Reading the stack

Which code is mine? Look for anonymous functions.

You can also name function expressions (can leak in IE6)

Digging through the stack